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Global Journey offers high quality music in a broad range of different genres including relaxation music to unwind to such as Spa and Zen; to tranquil music complimenting activities such as Yoga and Reiki; to more upbeat music for more rigorous exercise routines like Belly Dance and Salsa.

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Global Journey not only provide retailers with a wide range of great selling products but also the attractive displays to help them sell them too. Click here to find out how Global Journey can help your business.

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Global Journey export to over 75 countries world wide including the USA, Singapore, all over Europe and Australia. Exports now account for over 70% of our total turnover. Click here to find out how Global Journey can help your business.

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Relaxation Music from Global Journey ‘The Relaxation Music’ Specialists

Relaxing music can be used for an array of different purposes from listening to
as you sit back and unwind; to helping you drift off to sleep; to engaging
in meditation, yoga and spiritual practices.

Global Journey has the relaxation music for every purpose.

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Nature & Music
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Children's faces will light up when they hear their name repeated throughout this compilation of the best nursery rhymes and
stories ever. His or her name will be mentioned 15 times in total as they are encouraged to sing along.

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audio greats 3cd

Audio Greats
3CD Packs

The Audio Greats 3CD range consists of 3 genres, Legends, Classical Greats and Great Audio Moments.

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great audio moments


Charmology is an affordable, on-trend jewellery collection with exceptionally broad appeal. It is a stunning
collection of items made from a variety of natural materials.

Charmology uses high grade gemstones fashioned into finely honed pieces, presented in luxury gift boxes.

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wishpearls boxes

Love Pearls

Global Journey's best selling necklace and pearl giftsets.

All Love Pearls feature a beautiful giftbox box exclusively designed by global journey featuring two inspirational quotes, a genuine pearl in its original shell and a silver coloured chain.

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The finest quality semi-precious stones from around the world.

Our unique Gemstone Dispensers are ideal for all retail environments!! Especially Tourist, Visitor and Heritage Attractions!

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Moodstones, fashioned by the hands of nature, link the astral and mineral worlds, bringing the universal power of pure gemstones to you in the form of exclusive and fashionable jewellery.

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