16cd sets

16CD Packs

These superb box sets each contain 16 quality classical music CDs (over 16 hours of music) and a CD carrying case.

Once they're gone, they're gone!

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the masters 16 classical music cd set

The Master 16CD Set


Revisit the stirring works of the world's favourite composers, with classical selections from Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven contained in The Masters.

Volume I: Great Concerti explores these fine works for soloviolin, cello and full orchestra, culled from the creative output of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.

Volume II: Works of Beethoven's Time offers musical selections from concerti and symphonies composed by Beethoven and his contemporaries. Experience the brilliance of Mozart and Beethoven.

Volume III: the Classicist showcasing the stirring works of these revered prodigies.

Volume IV: Wind Instruments of the Classicist Period, a varied sampler of enduring popular works including the overture to Beethoven's only opera, as well as pieces arranged for flute and clarinet. From prodigies to parlor pieces; Fidelio to flute concerti, The Masters is an indispensable addition to your classical music library.



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opera and ballet 16 classical music cd set

The Opera & Ballet
16CD Set


Revel in the grandeur and theatricality of the classical selections contained in The Opera & ballet.

Volume I: Overtures introduces you to popular works by famous artists, composed for the opera and ballet stages.

Volume II: Romance for Two demonstrates the allure and heightened power of this selection of love themes and variations for ballet and opera. Thrill to the sheer dramatic scale of large-chorus, multi-form opera and ballet performance.

Volume III: Spectacular Works featuring works by Tchaikovsky, Borodin and Bizet.

Volume IV: Virtuoso & Dance Pieces, a varied sampler of enduring overtures and dance works composed to be parts of theatrical productions and now performed individually by orchestras and soloists alike. From Swan Lake... Sleeping Beauty, Rossini to Rigoletto, The Opera & Ballet on audio compact disc is an indispensable addition to your classical music library..


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the piano 16 classical music cd set

The Piano 16CD Set


Enjoy the lush classical sounds and dynamic interpretations of The Piano, an innovative, 4 volume, 16-disc audio collection for listeners of all ages.

Volume I: The Romantic Composers introduces you to the intricacies of accomplished ballads, waltzes and concerti that defined the period of musical Romanticism.

Volume II: Moods & Fantasies showcases some of the best-loved pieces from the eras of Romanticism & Impressionism, by composers such as Beethoven and Debussy. Marvel at the sheer versatility of the concerto from in solo and symhonic performance as you listen to

Volume III: Piano Concerti featuring works by Prokofiev, Ravel and Rachmaninov.

Volume IV: Sonatas & Preludes, a brilliant compendium of 18th and 19th century pieces from the likes of Brahms, Chopin and Hadyn. From mazurkas to Minute Waltz No 1; ballads to Bagatelles, the Piano on audio compact disc is an indispensable addition to your classical music library.

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the romantic 16 classical music cd set

The Romantic 16CD Set


Enjoy the spirited classical moods and dynamic interpretations of The Romantic.

Volume I: Great Works of Romanticism introduces you to the enchanting melodies and heightened national symbolism instrinsic to these evocative works.

Volume II: The Romantic Strings demsonstrates the seductive power and silky tones of classical compositions for string quartet, violin and cello. Marvel at the sheer exuberance of the dance form as you listen to

Volume III: The Romantic Ball featuring works by Strauss and Ravel.

Volume IV: The Romantic Orchestra, a lush sampler of overtures and pieces from the worlds of ballet and opera. From Bolero to The Blue Danube; Strauss to string quartets.

The Romantic is an indispensable addition to your classical music library.

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