Angel's Teardrops

These stunning Angel's Teardrops combine the two ancient philosophies of Guardian Angels watching over us and the pure mystical energies of Gemstones. The philosophy of a Guardian Angel supporting us through good times and bad added to the associated benefits of the Gemstones, such as; energising, healing and positivity are allied to a third philosophy; that you can never have too many gorgeous accessories. Gemstones, fashioned by the hands of nature, linked to the astral and mineral worlds, bringing the universal power of pure gemstones to you in the form of exclusive and fashionable jewellery.

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angel's teardrop stones and sentiment cards

daughter angel's teardrop gift set


A daughter is a special someone who blesses our lives, and helps make our dreams come true. A source of joy and laughter, jokes and secrets, smiles and tears. Treasured memories that grow dearer through the years

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footprint angel's teardrops gift set


Features the famous 'Footprints' poem

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friend angel's teardrops gift set


There's a miracle called friendship that dwells within the heart And you don't know how it happens or even when it starts But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift And you realise that friendship is God's most special gift

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girlfriend angel's teardrops gift set


Have I told you yet...How much you mean to me? Have I told you yet... About all the happiness you bring! Have I told you yet... That you mean the world to me! Just in case I haven't... I want you to know that... You're the best thing that's ever happened to me

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grandma angel's teardrops gift set


I really love you Grandma, you have a certain way.

And every time I see you it brightens up my day.

I really love you Grandma, you're like a special treat.

When you come to see me it makes my day complete.

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guardian angel angel teardrops gift set

Guardian Angel

We are touched by Angels and walk where Angels tread. They will guide us, walk beside us, through the days ahead. In the hours of darkness, when our dreams have flown, they bring hope and gentle healing, we are not alone. In our times of doubting still they understand and forever touched by Angels we walk hand in hand.

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happy birthday angel's teardrops gift set

Happy Birthday

Because it's your birthday this very special day Be sure to celebrate in every special way! Because it's your birthday be sure to wish upon a star And think of all of us who know how wonderful you are!

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Love angel's teardrops gift set


I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away.I wrote your name on my hand, but I washed it the next day.I wrote your name on a piece of paper, but accidentally threw it away.I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

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mum angel's teardrops gift set


If I follow the example that you've always set for me, If I heed the good advice that you've given lovingly, Then I'll be like the person who is reading this today, The dearest Mum in the world, loved more than words can say

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niece angel's teardrops gift set


A niece is a wonderful blessing a treasure from above she's laughter, warmth and special charmshe's thoughtfulness and love. A niece brings a special joy that comes from deep inside and as she grows to adulthood she fills your heart with pride.

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sister angel's teardrops gift set


For the happy times shared through the years For the loyalty, love, laughter and tears My love for you will never end I'm proud to call you my Sister And so happy to call you my friend

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someone special angel;s teardrops gift set

Someone Special

Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts and we are forever changed.

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Angel's Teardrops Display

Global Journey offer many attractive ways to sell your boxed jewellery products.

angel's teardrops spinner

Wire Display

120 Angel's Teardrops
(12 x 10 of each)
Height = 186cm
Width = 51cm

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