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On the back of the success of our hand sanitisers, Global Journey are delighted to be able to bring to market another practical and very much on-trend product. With 48 designs, 24 kids and 24 adults on a small, slimline floor display these face masks are an ideal product to site next to the check out / till area alongside the hand sanitisers.

Fabric content: “breathable baby soft polyester, with added spandex to ensure one size fits all”

Anti-Microbial Finish: Prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the mask

Shaped to hug: “Shaped to hug the face for comfort”

Washable at 60 degrees (recommended - to ensure any dirt, germs or viruses are completely removed).

Re-usable On-trend designs Retailing for only £4.99 and including an anti-microbial finish, these re-usable, washable and on-trend face masks are a great additional product that will sell out fast.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Our range of Face Protectors

rainbow bridge
Rainbow Bridge
rainbow hand prints
Rainbow Hand Prints
kids doodles face protector
Kids Doodles
baby elephant face protector
Baby Elephant
unicorn head face protector
Unicorn Head
princess face protector
princess crown face protector
Princess Crown
purple butterflies face protector
Purple Butterflies
flamingo face protector
flamingo water colour face protector
Flamingo Watercolour
sea life face protector
Sea Life
animal alphabet face protector
Animal Alphabet
dinosaurs face protector
robots face protector
cars and trucks face protector
Cars and Trucks
gamer face protector
comic face protector
iridescent face protector
magical clouds face protector
Magical Clouds
unicorn head face protector
Blue Camoflage
pink camoflage kids face protector
Pink Camoflage
monster smile face protector
Monster Smile
totally rawr-some face protector
Totally Rawr-some
my parents made me wear this face protector
My Parents Made...
flamingo face protector
Flamingo adults
rainbow hearts face protector
Rainbow Hearts
leopard face protector
Leopard Print
floral white face protector
Floral White
shibori 2 face protector
Shibori 2
shibori 3 face protector
Shibori 3
camoflage face protector
pink camoflage face protector
Pink Camoflage
pink bandana adults face protector
Pink Bandana
turquoise face protector
Turquoise Bandana
black bandana face protector
Black Bandana
red badana face protector
Red Bandana
blue badana face protector
Blue Bandana
floral face protector
paws face protector
smile face protector
vintage uk face protector
Vintage GB
rainbow face protector
shibori face protector
wish you were beer face protector
Wish You Were Beer
life happens face protector
Life Happens
gin is my tonic face protector
Gin Is My Tonic
born to booze face protector
Born To Booze
sssh too much prosecco face protector
Sssh Too Much

face protectors header


On the back of the success of our trendy face protectors, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Christmas range featuring 10 stunning designs, 5 kids and 5 adults.

These fabulous festive face masks are certain to be popular this Christmas as winter draws in.

Commenting on the sales of Global Journey Face Protectors, Darren Clift of Tates and Paradise Park Garden Centres said: “We took delivery into our sites on the Thursday and by Friday morning had sold over 100 face protectors and were placing a re-order straight away!” “Over 3 days we had sold 529”

christmas trees face protector
Christmas Trees Kids
hohoho adult face protector
Ho Ho Ho
holiday lights face protector
Holiday Lights
purple snowflakes face protector
Purple Snowflakes
christmas white face protector
Christmas White Adults
gingerbread face protector
hohoho kids face protector
snowman kids face protector
candy canes adult face protector
christmas icons face protector
Chirstmas Icons

Face Protectors Display

Global Journey offer an attractive way to display your Face Protectors.

facemask wire stand

Wire Display

288 Face Masks
(48 x 6 of each)
Height = 165cm
Width = 40cm x 40cm


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