Nature Sounds

The Music Of The Earth. Perfect for nature lovers and an ideal way of relieving stress. Fabulous field recordings of a diverse selection of naturescapes, habitats and wildlife from around the world weaving together to complete an awesome portrayal of our natural environment.

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Tranquil sea CD cover

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birdsong cd cover

Whale Symphony

This audio expedition to Alaska will let you experience the true majesty of the natural world. We follow a pod of 9 Humpback whales to their summer feeding grounds and along the way experience the grandeur of Alaska including; its wildlife, rivers, lakes, cascading waterfalls, glaciers and snow caves.

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antarctica cd cover


Antarctica, a place of such raw beauty and unspoilt landscapes, a stunning wilderness of great importance. The polar experience is one of awe inspiring imagery from; the southern lights (aurora australis) and whale-watching to the amazing penguin colonies and the glacial configurations.

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best of nature cd cover

Best of Nature

Early morning, deep in the countryside, the glorious melodies of songbirds fill the air. Discover your own personal paradise as you lie beside a stream and let the songbirds serenade you.

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best of wildlife cd cover

Best of Wildlife

Six exhilarating soundscapes highlighting many of the planets' most amazing species and habitats.

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great barrier reef cd cover

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is widely acclaimed as an aquatic Garden of Eden and these recordings capture some of the magnificence of the idyllic ocean paradise.

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dancing waters cd cover

Dancing Waters

The greatest hits of H2O, these four tracks capture our most valuable resource at it's magnificent best, in the form of the ocean, a waterfall, a stream in a rainforest and a babbling brook. And although waterscapes steal the show there are regular guest appearances by various birds and other wildlife in the background.

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rainforest cd cover


The stunning and awesome beauty of the rainforest is captured in this evocative recording. The exotic melodies are provided by numerous species of birds, insects, mammals and the odd thunderstorm. All of which will ensure a captivating experience.

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frog heaven cd cover

Frog Heaven

From the banks of the Daintree River in the World Heritage listed Daintree Forest of North Queensland comes a startling natural choir. One hour of magical primal choruses created by mother nature. As one frog group stops its symphony another starts, it is an audio explosion which will engage all of your senses.

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jungle voices cd cover

Jungle Voices

The exotic sounds of the jungle features an inspiring array of some of the planets most beautiful and most endangered species. In the heart of the jungle, hundreds of miles from civilisation these amazing creatures ensure that this album will conjure images of the best that mother nature has to offer.

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the sea cd cover

The Sea

The sea, timeless, rhythmical and ultimately soothing. The therapeutic effects of listening to the sea are well documented, so sit back, relax and let the sound of the ocean flow over you

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birdsong cd cover


Early morning, deep in the countryside, the glorious melodies of songbirds fill the air. Discover your own personal paradise as you lie beside a stream and let the songbirds serenade you.

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thunderstorm cd cover


One of natures most powerful and wondrous phenomena - the Thunderstorm. This album follows a thunderstorm from a light rain shower through to the full fury of the storm and finally at the end, the sound of distant thunder as the storm passes.

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whalesong cd cover


Welcome to the serene world of the humpback whale. The haunting sounds of these creatures resonate through the blueness of their idyllic ocean home. This underwater sojourn is a celebration of our planets most awesome inhabitants.

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wolf talk cd cover

Wolf Talk

As enigmatic as the smile on mona lisa’s face and as hauntingly beautiful as johann sebastian bach’s air on ‘g’, the song of the wolf is amongst mother nature’s greatest masterpieces and goes some way to explaining why in many cultures, past and present, the wolf portrays both mystical and spiritual awareness.

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